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Live & Frozen Fishing Bait Prices

Live Bait

Item Quantity Price
Live Rag Worm Per 20g £1.00

Frozen Bait

Item Quantity Price
Black Lug Worm
Frozen Black Lug 10 Pieces £4.80
Fresh Oiled Black Lug 10 Pieces £4.80
Single Mackeral 1 Pieces £0.85
Multipack Mackeral 3 Pieces £2.90
Mackeral Fillets 6 Pieces £2.90
Baby Squid Handypack £2.00
Unwashed Squid Handypack £2.00
Baitbox Handypack £2.40
1LB Unwashed Squid 1LB £4.75
1LB Baby Squid 1LB £4.50
Baby Cuttlefish Handypack 3-5 Pieces £2.60
Sand Eel
Small 10-12 Pieces £2.10
Medium 10-12 Piece £2.20
Large 10-12 Pieces £2.30
Full Bluey 3 Pieces £3.40
Cart £4.00
Vaccum Pack 5-6 Pieces £3.00
Peeler Crab Single Pieces £1.20
Hermit Crab 6-7 Pieces £4.00
Razor Clam In Shell 2-6 Pieces £2.20
Mussel Meat Vacuum Pack £2.90
Frills Vacuum Pack £2.00
Lamprey Sections 4 Pieces £3.50
Sprat 8-10 Pieces £2.00
Herring 2 Pieces £2.50
Mixed Packs

Fishing Tackle

We stock a large range of sea fishing tackle from rods & reels to hooks & swivels We're always interested in what equipment & bait customers are using & what is most successful. Our employees will be able to give advice on where to go for the best catch.


Fishing Rods & Reels

We have a great selection of Rod & Reel combos to get anyone who may have an interest in fishing started. Our Rod & Reel combos start as low as £24.00

Rod & Reel Combos

Rod Reel Price
12' Raider Beach Rod Outlaw 70 £40.00
12' Outlaw Beach Rod Outlaw 70 £40.00
11' Outlaw Bass Rod Outlaw 60 £30.00
9' Heavy Pier Rod Outlaw 60 £26.00
8' Outlaw Spin Rod Outlaw 50 £24.00
7' Heavy Pier Rod Outlaw 50 £24.00

Fishing Rod Hire

Choose Any Rod From Our Range. All Rentals Include Rod, Reel & Line Ready to Use!

Hire Length Rod Price Deposit
One Day ANY ROD COMBO £5.00 £10.00 Per Rod
Two Days ANY ROD COMBO £10.00
Three Days ANY ROD COMBO £14.00
Five Days ANY ROD COMBO £18.00
One Week ANY ROD COMBO £21.00

Please Note. All Fishing Rod Rentals Require a Deposit of £10.00 Per Rod. This Deposit is Refunded When Equipment Hired is Returned. Hire Terms & Conditions Apply.

Our Location

We're located on the Maryport Harbourside, overlooking the Solway Firth.

Coastal Bait & Tackle
Lake District Coast Aquarium
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CA15 8AB

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